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Erik and Me
Erik and Me
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Hello life. Flow.
Erik's notes.

Daily log creates a foundation to reach out for a deeper, more creative potential. Clear your thoughts from day to day and reach out for insights that inspire. Download the free app on the Apple store.


Use daily log (app) and weekly system (online tools)together to make one plus one greater than two.


Track daily. Plan weekly. Create effortlessly.

Erik and Me
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Hello life

Keeping a daily log is a great way to support personal growth. Note down what happens each day, and reflect on that. How might you improve on aspects that were less than perfect?


As you process your actions in this way, you'll become more and more conscious of your strengths and weaknesses. This awareness is a precondition for personal growth. 



Get to know what's essential and important to you. Treat time and attention as a precious commodity. 


Once you know what you can improve, that's when you can focus on effective strategies to succeed in your desires. Don't choose to be average. Be selective and work smarter.  


Erik's notes

Get inspired, be inspiring. The thread that ties Erik's story together is personal growth.


Download the free app on the Apple store and get weekly refreshments that will highlight the topics energy, state of mind and performance.